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Düşmən arxasında 2 (2006)

23 Baxışlar· 05/13/20
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The story is not linked to the first part of the series. Instead, it focuses on a fictional explanation for the Ryanggang explosion in 2004, in which an unexplained mushroom cloud occurred in North Korea.

After reconnaissance satellites detect a large, three-stage Topol intercontinental ballistic missile carrying a nuclear weapon in North Korea, which can strike anywhere in the continental United States, United States President Adair T. Manning (Peter Coyote) orders a team of U.S. Navy SEALs to destroy the missile and the launch site. The team is led by Lieutenant Robert James (Nicholas Gonzalez).

The Pentagon aborts the mission after it receives new information, but by the time the abort order is sent, two SEALs have already parachuted into North Korean territory. James stops the third SEAL from deploying, accidentally knocking the man's helmet against the status indicator mounted near the door. The lieutenant steps onto the makeshift ramp to peer outside, returning to the doorway to inform the rest of men of the abort. The high-speed winds from outside rip the indicator loose and send it flying into the lieutenant's face. Stumbling backwards, James loses his balance and is blown out of the plane. Callaghan disobeys orders to stand fast, strikes his commanding officer, and follows the first three, taking a radio with him. When North Korean forces led by Commander Hwang (Joseph Steven Yang) find the SEALs, two of the Navy SEALs are killed in a gun battle, and James and Callaghan are captured and tortured by Hwang and his men.


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